1.  And you thought your name was bad/embarrassing/strange, etc?

Whenever we see or hear a strange name I always pipe up and tell my girls “that name’s on the list.”  What list you ask?  The “Don’t Marry a Guy with That Kind of Last Name” list, of course.  There are few rules for the list; it’s mostly subjective.  Movie credits are always great places to find these kinds of names.  However, I ran across an old news story that provided a prime example of a name that jumped to the top of  “the list.”  This one is so good (or bad) that I’ll leave it for you to click the link and revel its grand status at the top of the list.

2.  JC Ryle’s advice on how to read the Bible

A great reminder from a famous 19th Century pastor that there should be purpose when we read our Bibles.


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